Who we are

Your WHSE Experts

Not sure where to start with workplace safety? Don’t know how to meet WHS regulations? Preparing to work on a government project? Need to train staff quickly and efficiently?

We can help.

At WHSE Consulting, we pride ourselves on being workplace health and safety experts – so you don’t have to be.

We offer practical WHS solutions, with a focus on building long term relationships with clients to ensure their WHS obligations and needs are always met.

From managing workplace safety with effective WHS plans, to custom in-house training for employees, WHSE Consulting is the only call you need to make for workplace health and safety.

Our Team

Directors Steven Hart and Vaughne Ingles boast 30+ combined years of experience in workplace health and safety.

Both hold a significant number of qualifications and have extensive practical experience in a range of WHSE fields, including planning, investigation, training and consulting.

Having spent time working in Work Cover investigations, they also have a clear understanding of government WHS regulations, and what an auditor looks for when determining if these are being met.

Steven and Vaughne contract a number of field specialists to assist them in running WHSE Consulting, which ensures clients always have access to any WHS services they require.

Contact us for


Develop and implement effective systems to ensure compliance, certification, employee safety, and protection against possible negligence claims.

Incident management

When an incident occurs, it can be difficult to know what to do. Call us for post-incident assessments, evaluations of current systems and practical advice.


Know what we know. We can provide professional guidance on your specific situation, or offer expert industry knowledge.


Accredited or custom training at your own site, specific to your business.