Asbestos Awareness Courses

We deliver training at short notice (day and night) to small and large groups at your site or a suitable venue.

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About Us

Who We are

WHSE Consultants are your Workplace Health, Safety & Environment experts. We help clients in the ACT, NSW and QLD meet their work health and safety obligations with a complete range of WHSE services. Our focus is on delivering practical solutions that help you minimise risk, ensure compliance, and create and manage a safe working environment for your staff.

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Correlation between Safety & Revenue

Compliance does ensure that as business owners, we don’t end up paying any penalties and fines. But that’s not just it – it goes deeper than this. What are the consequences of a safe workplace? A safe environment with low risks levels. As such, there are fewer chances our workers will be injured or hurt. What does this imply? Lower costs in terms of workers’ compensation, reduced absenteeism, potentially a decrease in workers compensation premiums Are there any other benefits?