What we do

Practical Post-Incident Assistance

Accidents happen. And while you may believe you have done everything possible to prevent it, a serious incident will be investigated and can cause significant disruption to your business – especially if handled poorly.

If a WHS incident happens in your workplace, call us.

We can help you


We can help undertake an investigation to objectively determine what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.


In the case of a serious incident, it can be difficult to know what needs to happen next. We can provide practical advice so that you understand your options clearly, and can make plans to manage the situation effectively.

Review and change

We’ll review your current practices and procedures to ensure they are as effective as possible in preventing the incident from happening again. Where reasonable, we will suggest changes to your WHSE systems to ensure better protection.

Don’t struggle through a WHS incident on your own.

Call WHSE Consulting on 0438 932 115 for immediate, practical workplace health and safety guidance.