What is Emergency Preparedness Evaluation?

Unfortunately, most workers struggle to cope when placed under the pressure of a serious workplace incident. This can be slightly embarrassing in a controlled situation but can be very serious when under the spotlight of an official legal or insurance investigation.

Emergency Preparedness Testing creates a real-life scenario for unsuspecting staff, testing their responses and providing valuable feedback and important compliance documentation for your organisation.

Why Test?

An Emergency Preparedness Test allows you to assess how workers would respond in the event of a real-life emergency. It gives staff an opportunity to practice procedures first-hand, improving their knowledge and confidence if the situation were to actually occur.

From a business perspective, testing is an important compliance exercise. It ensures you can prove that emergency procedures have been tested (as required in WHS Regulations and most industry Codes of Practice), and provides a valuable reference point in the event of a future audit or incident investigation.

Testing helps you comply with:

  • Work Health Safety Regulations 2011
  • First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice
  • Construction Work Code of Practice
  • Federal Safety Commission Accreditation

How We Test

  1. Consult with you on the desired scenario
  2. Review your internal emergency procedures
  3. Carry out a realistic on-site exercise and test unsuspecting staff
  4. Guide them through the correct way to respond (in line with your procedures)
  5. Provide a final report, detailing staff actions and our recommendations for improvement
  6. Test your audit-response documentation (if required)